New DIP PEARLS (Candy, Chameleon, microflakes & more)

Have you been wanting that pearlescent, metal flake or chameleon look for your ride, but can't believe how much a new paint job will cost? Then look no further, VIPDIPS has you covered. Let us transform your ride with a fresh and inexpensive alternative known as Plasti-Dip. Add these Pearls and Flakes to your dip job  to create an endless variety of custom colors and finishes.

what is dipping?

Dipping is a process of having your vehicle sprayed with multiple coats of a rubberized protective coating. The genius behind this coating is that it is completely removable, allowing you to change the color of your car at anytime.

Dipping your car or truck is the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to enhance the color and look of your vehicle! The hottest new trend in car customization is a flat, matte, or satin finish for your vehicle.

We offer a wide range of customizations for your vehicle dipping needs, and once the color arrives from our manufacturer, most cars can be completed in just one day! 

Protect your paint with a plasti dipped Clear Bra

Not interested in changing the color of your car, but still want the same protection? No matter if your vehicle is brand new, new-to-you, or you’ve had it for several years, it’s never too late to protect its front-end from flying road debris,  or scratches. You don’t need to hide your beautiful car under an unsightly black car bra to keep it looking nice – all you need is a good clear bra.

The Benefits of Clear Bras:
A clear car bra won’t scratch your vehicle’s paint during use or removal like a traditional leather bra will. Dirt and other debris can get wedged between a leather bra and your vehicle’s paint – causing damaging friction. The other major benefit, and perhaps more obvious, is that people won’t know your car has a bra thanks to the invisible, tight and precision-fit of clear-car bras.